PocketAuthority.com exists to make the world a more equal and convenient place for women by providing easy and affordable access to clothing with pockets.

Women's clothes with real, functional pockets sounds like a pretty simple and logical idea, right? But for some bizarre reason, they are practically nowhere to be found. And women aren’t happy about it.

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So PocketAuthority.com was created as a one-stop shop for the many, many women who are sick of the frustrating search for clothing that meets these four simple standards:

1) It has real pockets

Because fake pockets are one of the stupidest ideas ever. The pockets must be authentic, and big enough to hold things like a smartphone, wallet, keys, earphones, cosmetics, jewelry, hair ties, pens, notes, tissues, and other bits and pieces that usually require a purse.

2) It’s comfortable

Because if clothes are itchy, constricting, or don’t sit right, then why bother with them? Life is way too short to endure skin-irritating fabric, readjust waistbands, and tug at hemlines all day.

3) It’s affordable

Because pockets should be a right, not a privilege. Who wants to shell out $100 or more for a designer dress just to get some pocket action? Or go through the hassle of getting a tailor to add pockets to skirts they’ve already paid good money for?

4) It looks good

Because women deserve to look and feel their best. Unfortunately, if poorly designed or manufactured, women’s clothes with pockets are prone to lumps and bumps that can destroy an otherwise attractive silhouette. You shouldn’t have to choose between pretty and functional, when it should be easy to have both.

All the clothing we carry at Pocket Authority meets these four standards (which are so incredibly basic, it’s staggering that so few clothing brands have bothered to implement them!)

So why not take a look at our range of dresses, skirts, leggings, cardigans, or anything else that catches your eye? You just might find something you’ll love!

P.S. All orders receive free shipping with no minimum to spend.

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